A personal vision

Designer and artist Fernando Poggio started his own company in 1991, creating unique pieces that not only convey intention, but also content.


Experimenting as a means of finding new answers, new material combinations, finishes and languages, giving each object an artistic and a unique sense.

Committed to sustainability, the environment and socially-responsible work.


Fernando Poggio is an artist and holds a degree in Graphic Design from the University of Buenos Aires. His training originates from a family company, a metal workshop where – in addition to being part of the productive and project work – he begins to experiment with new materials and processes, which result in the origin of new products. His entrepreneurial spirit leads him to start his own company, specializing in the design and manufacture of design objects and developing his portfolio as an artist, creating unique pieces that combine his multiple training and experience.

Over the last 20 years, he has ventured into the design and manufacture of customized special objects for companies, the design d’auteur and the development of awards while permanently creating avant-garde products with a strong personal imprint.

In 2000, he participated in the creation of the Argentine group called “Diseñadores del Bajo”, a space that marked a milestone in South American design, where he opens his first retail store.

Due to the success and prestige of his work and products, as of 1999, he was invited to design renowned international awards such as the acclaimed Lengua MTV and national ones such as: Premio Sur de la Academia de Artes y Ciencias Cinematográficas Argentinas (award of the Argentine Motion Pictures and Science Academy), Exportar Foundation, Copa Argentina, Redbull MotoGP Cup among others, and he was the exclusive maker of the IVECO cups for four years.

Fernando Poggio was distinguished at several internationally renowned contests. Including the “Torre Agbar” open competition in 2005, where he was chosen to do an exclusive product line based on the Tower of Barcelona.

That same year the General Directorate of Cultural and Design Industries of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires awarded a grant to his company to develop a new line of iconic products for the City.

In 2005, he was summoned by the Metropolitan Center of Design and the Secretariat of Cultural Industries of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires and the Exportar Foundation to be part of the Argentine delegation that participated in 100% Design Tokyo.

In 2007, his creation “Set de Escritura Lazlo” received the Best Home Product award and in 2008 he obtained the Technology Innovation Award for his innovative industrial process “Anodizado color sectorizado”.

In 2008, he is invited to be curator of the Puro Diseño fair (Pure Design) and participates as juror in the exhibition’s several editions.

In 2009, he is juror of the first edition of the contest Influencias, Premio Argentino a la Innovación (Influences, Argentine Award to Innovation) that publishes a yearly edition of the most innovative contemporary Argentine creations.

In 2010, he is summoned by Ricardo Blanco to participate in the show of Contemporary Argentine Design at the Museum of Applied Arts in Frankfurt; and from there onwards, he is part of the travelling exhibition around the world.

In 2011 and for four consecutive years, he participates as juror in the design contest organized by the IVECO Company. In 2012, he includes objects with his signature to the permanent design collection of the Buenos Aires Museum of Modern Art, MAMBA, for its acronym in Spanish, and is part of the book Diseño Industrial Argentino (Argentine Industrial Design).

In 2013, he signs an Internship Agreement with the Di Camerino University in Ascoli Piceno, Italy, to receive students who need to get international work experience as a requirement for their graduation thesis in Industrial Design.

That same year, he wins the design contest of the Exportar Foundation.
In 2014, 2015 and 2016, many of his products receive the Argentine Seal of Good Design.

In 2015, he is invited to participate in the Proyecto Deseo (Desire Project) organized by the Argentine Federation of Timber and Allied Industries - FAIMA for its acronym in Spanish- and the National Plan of Design.

From 2012 to present, he is invited by the Associated Argentine Interior Designers – DARA, for its acronym in Spanish – to participate in the different artistic activities organized by the association. In 2016, he participates in the Argentine stand of 100% Design London.
Fernando Poggio is one of the founding members of the Argentine Chamber of Design.



/ Juror at the Puro Diseño Awards

2011 to 2015

/ IVECO Design Competition


/ Juror of the Book Diseño Sustentable Argentino (Argentine Sustainable Design)


/ Juror of the Influencias Award 2009


/ Juror at the Puro Diseño Exhibitions

1992 al 1997

/ Morphology Professor, Forbes Chair, University of Buenos Aires.


/ Diseño Industrial Argentino (Argentine Industrial Design). Ricardo Blanco. Ediciones Franz Viegener.


/ Young Designers Americas, Editor: Carissa Kowalski Dougherty - ckd media.


/ Disegno Industriale – Mercosur Design -. diid. Mancosu Editore S.P.A.


/ Contest on Design organized by the Exportar Foundation


/ Award for the Best Stand at the Puro Diseño Fair.


/ Technology Innovation Award for his novelty industrial process “anodizado color sectorizado”.


/ Winner of the closed contest for the design of the brand for the Argentine Motion Pictures Arts and Science Academy.
/ Contest to represent Argentina at 100% Design Tokyo.
/ Best Home Product Award for the “Set de Escritura Lazlo”.


/ “Torre Agbar”. Exclusive products based on the Tower of Barcelona.
/ Subsidy from the General Directorate of Cultural and Design Industries from the Government of the City of Buenos Aires to develop a new line of products.